20:00 - 21:30
Sommer Special Kreuzberg 1
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin

Technique Groove

Kurs with Alessio Trevisani

Did you ever experience a pleasure in Dance Technique, and have you ever tried to perform it intuitively? Have you ever danced it to the limit like if you were in a big Fusion Party? How about taking the chance of facing dance Techniques and exploring how to enter into the spirit of the situation or circumstance of the moment? How about dancing something easily and well and get into a collective groove that let you feel part of a dance community? The class aims at resetting our body and regain the pleasure of training and dancing all together. It will be a hybrid of Technique and Expression, where you will be osmotic guided on pathways of modern and contemporary dance techniques but also you will be asked to go completely your own way into the groove. So, the class will combine individual awareness of the body and strong collective group space action.

It’s summer,  so be ready in the middle of the class to jump in your sneakers and go performing a score outside and all over the Tanzfabrik Building or in the Victoria Park.
Bring with you your own music instruments or your own music speakers if you have …they might be handy! 

The class is open to all adult humans.

Alessio Trevisani

 Alessio Trevisani, Germanist, Choreographer, Director, Performer. Recently founded his international company: the Freies Tanz Ensemble. Former member of Tanzfabrik Company, co-initiated in 2000 the Sox36 in Berlin Kreuzberg. 2003 won the German dance prize for best solo. He gained important artistic experience with the composer K. Stockhausen at Leipzig Opera and working in NY in 2005. 2007 was resident choreographer at Palucca Schule / Tanzplan Dresden. 2006-10 created four works for the mixed able Theater Thikwa. 2011-18 created eight successful works directing Leipziger Tanztheater.

en/de | starts 08.08.