19:30 - 20:45
Sommer Special Kreuzberg 4
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin
Photo: Sara Herrlander

Vibrant Body

Kurs with Sebastian Abarbanell

In my practice I am interested in uncovering and expanding the infinite universe living within each unique and individual body. By breaking down the body into its layers of skin, flesh and bone, we can create more space within the container of our body and radiate beyond its borders and limits.The isolation of different body structures allows for increased physical awareness and a growing sense of possibilities within our physicality. The practice builds up to a place where the body can operate as a whole by connecting all the layers within itself while still allowing for space to exist between them.Throughout the practice we surrender to the groove and vibrations we receive from music and allow ourselves to be taken by and merge with it. My practice draws inspiration from Sidra Bell’s methodology, Gaga, Dose of Pleasure by Alvin Collantes and my personal choreographic work among others.

Sebastian Abarbanell

Sebastian Abarbanell (he/him/his) is a dance artist, performer and award-winning choreographer based in Berlin. After graduating from Trinity Laban in London in 2015, he spent 4 years in New York City where he collaborated and performed with a variety of artists and companies including Sidra Bell Dance New York, Gallim Dance and BIRDHOUSE. Sebastian has presented his work at international festivals across Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico and received awards such as 1st Prize and Audience Prize at contact.energy Tanztheater Festival Erfurt, the Residency Award at Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart and the Emerging Choreographer Award at  SoloDuo Festival in Cologne.  In 2021 Sebastian celebrated two World Premieres. His commissioned work at Theater Pforzheim premiered online from July 24-August 15 and his solo production ‘HOME’ at Uferstudios from August 12-14. Currently Sebastian works as a freelance dancer and choreographer and he is a member of Kianí Del Valle’s KDV Dance Ensemble.

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