17:30 - 19:00
Sommer Special Kreuzberg 4
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin

The Undivided Body

Kurs with Breeanne Camille Saxton

Beginning with a comprehensive "tune in" to the imaginative, physical, emotional, and vocal bodies, we will begin to integrate these planes of expression into an undivided body. The undivided body is one which unites the multiplicities of the body into one state. Throughout this improvisation based practice, movement is generated from a quality and task-based plane generating a proficiency in precise intention-based physicality, musicality, and theatricality. The face, hands, and feet garner special attention in this practice as our most familiar tools to see, visualize, understand, and navigate worlds. At the same time, the practice works towards breaking down the hierarchy of the body and discovering new ways of seeing, knowing, and representing the worlds we move through. We work in this practice to re-connect the mind and body as they once were when we were children in order to free ourselves of our  learned limitations of movement and expression. 

Breeanne Camille Saxton

Breeanne Camille Saxton is a choreographer, musical performance maker, teacher, and performer currently based in the small town of Berlin, Germany. After receiving her BFA in modern dance from the University of Utah in 2015, Breeanne has had the pleasure to work and collaborate with a variety of artists and companies around the world. She divides her time equally between choreographing, performing, and teaching; the three practices continuously informing one another. She was honored to be a company dancer with Ririe Woodbury Dance Company and perform the works of Ann Carlson, Raja Feather-Kelly, Joanne Kotze, Doug Varone, Daniel Charon, Adam Barruch, and Alwin Nikolais with Alberto Del Saz of the Murray-Louis Foundation worldwide. Other artists she has worked with include LajaMartin, Alica Minar, The Utah Opera, Daniél Desnoyers, Jasmine Ellis and Yael Cibulski, Nichele Van-Portfleet, Graham Brown, Steve Koester, Kyle Lang, Brianna Lopez, Anima May, Molly Heller, Eric Handman, Shaun Boyle, Scott Wells, Yanis Adoniou, and Scotty Hardwig. Her choreography has been shown in various theaters and venues around the world. Her most recent work legaxy xx received the honor of the 3rd prize in choreography in the Stuttgart solotanz theater festival and the 3rd solo prize at the Masdanza festival in 2021. She plays the electric bass and performs in her female post punk band under an alter-ego.

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