18:15 - 19:45
Sommer Special Kreuzberg 1
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin


Kurs with Alessio Trevisani

The training will start from a specific physical exploration of the fundament links and teachings of the contemporary Body-Mind approach to movement. This somatic work aims to a better balance between your will and your body, in order to track new kinetic impulses and develop strong performative strategies. The development of a performative identity is like a continuous spiral in which identity is a representation of self-awareness and at the same time of self-confidence. Re-establishing this balance is an absolute pathway to overcome new challenges and find new expressive contexts. The class will be divided into different phases: training and technical analysis, personal and collective research also based on contact and hands-on practice, instant performance and composition. Through these different itineraries, we will build up a structure to develop our own performance language in a contemporary way, combining a specific work on extroversion and enhancing individual qualities. A class training dedicated to expressive, bodily-compositional research. Where expressive means leaving one's comfort-zone to reach a dynamic, highly physical and at the same time meaningfully significant adventurous space.

Alessio Trevisani

 Alessio Trevisani, Germanist, Choreographer, Director, Performer. Recently founded his international company: the Freies Tanz Ensemble. Former member of Tanzfabrik Company, co-initiated in 2000 the Sox36 in Berlin Kreuzberg. 2003 won the German dance prize for best solo. He gained important artistic experience with the composer K. Stockhausen at Leipzig Opera and working in NY in 2005. 2007 was resident choreographer at Palucca Schule / Tanzplan Dresden. 2006-10 created four works for the mixed able Theater Thikwa. 2011-18 created eight successful works directing Leipziger Tanztheater.

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