17:30 - 19:00
Sommer Special Kreuzberg 4
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin


Kurs with Nadine Freisleben

The class focuses on the natural and instinctive movement repertoire of the individual body. We explore the abilities of the body and the mind to move in a non-regimented space and try to free ourselves from physical and psychological automatisms and evaluations. Dance elements from AfroContemporary have a great influence on the technique. The body is organized, structured and connected to its environment and in space by its weight. Starting from the base, the feet on the floor, to the top, the head in the clouds, we loosen the spine and neck to find permeability and awareness throughout the body. After the exercises become more physical and dynamic, following an energetic structure thus strengthening the deep muscles. This class is a mixture of western contemporary dance, dance acrobatics, floor work, pop and dance elements from Nigerian contemporary dance.

Nadine Freisleben

Nadine Freisleben, born 1989 in Berlin, has been dancing on a professional level since 2008. In Lagos and other places in Nigeria, she danced and choreographed for various Nigerian contemporary dance companies from 2008 to 2010. She also choreographed for festivals of the Goethe Institute and the Alliance Francaise. During this exciting time, she learned about West African contemporary dance, which continues to significantly influence her dance and choreographic style today. In 2013 she founded the dance-theater ensemble "GAU Company" and presented her work in France, Portugal, Nigeria, Chile and Germany. In 2015 Nadine graduated from the School of Performing Arts "die Etage Berlin". Since then she has worked with Chaim Gebber, Jennifer Mann, Sarah Bleasdale, Christine Fricker and Saskia Assohoto / Dancevertise among others and creates her own pieces. Teaching since 2008 for professionals, amateur dancers and actors in Germany (KARI TANZHAUS, DANCEWORKS berlin, Die Etage Berlin, Tanznetz Freiburg), UK (ProDance Leeds), Chile (Centro MB2), Nigeria (Corporate Dance World, National Council of Arts and Culture NCAC, Society for Performing Arts Nigeria SPAN) and Hungary (MOVEÍN Budapest). In 2020 she founded together with her colleague Angela Fegers the independent production management company "Apricot Productions".

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