Kreuzberg 3
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin

Facilitating, Teaching, Holding Space

Workshop with Nicole Berndt-Caccivio, David Bloom
In the frame of WinterTanz 2022/23

When they first met, in a teacher-student setting, Nica was about 40 years old and David was 20. Now they are 60, and 40, respectively, and have both been working with processes that are both artistic, and relevant to personal development. In this workshop, they bring together their experience to look at the process of transmission itself, when it happens in a dance studio. What is actually happening when we enter the studio together? What are our intentions and the strategies we use to hold a generative space? We will be working with tools from Cranio-Sacral Bodywork and somatic movement forms, but also look at exercises to make transparent the power (and other) structures we are (always) working in. How do we give space to all the things that are already present in the space – which are abundant – to do their work? How can we develop the attention to be PRESENT, equally, with our own selves, the other bodies in the space, and the space itself that enfolds us?

Accessibility Note
The workshop is held in English spoken language and language plays an important role. Follow-up questions for clarification in German or short translations into German are possible. Touch is an important part of the workshop and a way to get the most out of the work, but it is not mandatory and also possible to participate if you do not want to be touched. Music and sound only play an atmospheric role. There will be no set movement material or choreography and no specific physical requirements are needed to participate. The workshop instructors explicitly invite to communicate access needs beforehand and ask questions in advance to make the workshop as accessible as possible. If needed, a free workshop place for an accompanying assistant will be facilitated for participants with disabilities. Information about our location & studio access in Kreuzberg can be found here. For questions or more information, please contact Zoé Duflot & Elisabeth Leopold at workshop@tanzfabrik-berlin.de.

Nicole Berndt-Caccivio

Nicole Berndt-Caccivio works as a dancer since the 80s in the independent scene, mainly with the Tanzfabrik Berlin as well as the ch-tanztheater Zurich. With her own company Ljada (Biel-Bienne CH) she won the first prize at the festival of the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv in 1992 together with the company Ricochet. She is a guest lecturer for contemporary dance at MUK Vienna, Dance Department of the Hochschule für darstellende Künste in Frankfurt a.M., Impulstanz Vienna, among others. She is part of artistic, solo and performative collaborations like Kollektiv F Bern and SPHERE collective (spherecollectiveberlin.com). Since 2009 she is the artistic director of www.agecompany.at where she creates plays and performs with life experienced people, she also initiates "Golden Age Workshops".

David Bloom

David Bloom is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, father, filmmaker, bodyworker, pianist, and fermenting Jewish mystic. Graduated from the M.A. Choreography course at HZT Berlin, danceWEB scholarship in 2012. David teaches in many contexts, including HZT Berlin, Tanzquartier Vienna, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Human Architecture Lab in St. Petersburg, K3 in Hamburg, the Masters of Contemporary Dance Education in Frankfurt, the Rietveld Academy for Fine Arts & Design in Amsterdam, & the ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna. More info at:  davidbloom.info
Open for all with own artistic and/or pedagogical practice
In English
Price: 230€/200 €* 
*Early bird until 09.12.2022