Fields and Resonances

Jan Burkhardt, Sigal Zouk

Building on the specific way of existing in our bodies and space and how to relate to inside&outside as practiced in the training, we will explore principles of contrapuntal music in performance, both looking at the impact of such music, but also to investigate its rules and structural features to build constellations in time and space. Counterpoint is the relationship between voices that are interdependent harmonically (polyphony) yet independent in rhythm and contour.

"It is hard to write a beautiful song. It is harder to write several individually beautiful songs that, when sung simultaneously, sound as a more beautiful polyphonic whole. The internal structures that create each of the voices separately must contribute to the emergent structure of the polyphony, which in turn must reinforce and comment on the structures of the individual voices. The way that is accomplished in detail is...'counterpoint'." John Rahn

Application for the project:   Fee: 170 € / red: 150 € / professional dancers: 130 €

Open Contemporary training
We start from paying deep attention to our sensory awareness through exercises and scores based on touch, movement and breath. Tuned with our channels we open to them to others and the space around. The fundamental aim is to always strive for a situation of relevance and meaningfulness, and from there to investigate the potentiality of the moment, which then opens the next moment, and the next etc. Another emphasis will be to play with given forms (floor patterns, movements phrases , dynamic developments) and see how we can apply our process to each given structure and bring it to life.

16.2. - 25.3.2015   Mo & Wed 18:15- 19:45   Fee: 10x card: 95 € / red.: 90 € / prof.: 70 €
Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin Mo & Wed 20:00- 22:00
+ Sa: 21.2. / 11:00-15:00 (Kreuzberg -Studio 1!)
+ Showing: 25.3. / 21:00