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Dances of Aliveness and Presence – Skinner Releasing Technique™ (fully booked)

Workshop with Bettina Neuhaus
In the frame of WinterTanz 2023/24

Skinner Releasing Technique™ (SRT) is an integrative and poetic approach to movement developed by American dance artist Joan Skinner (1924-2021). SRT stimulates the process of letting go of unnecessary tension, releasing new possibilities in how we perceive and how we dance. Poetic imagery, hands-on partner studies and improvisation form the basic elements of this dance practice that is unique in the way it supports both, dance technique and creativity. We will explore individually, with a partner and as a group some of the essential SRT principles, such as allowing movement to happen, a fluid attention, autonomy and freedom of movement of different parts of the physical self as well as suppleness and readiness.These qualities enhance aliveness and a stronger presence and open new layers in our dancing, which unfolds in the interplay of imagination, movement and stillness.
Accessibility Note
The workshop will be held in spoken English. Questions for clarification can also be asked in German. Most of the tasks are communicated verbally. Workshop content includes individual and playful exploration of movement principles, improvisation, partner work with touch, and quieter movement phases (with eyes closed) on the floor. Music of various genres will be used. Each class concludes with a moment for writing, where participants will reflect on their experiences. Please wear comfortable clothes for moving and bring extra sweaters and socks for the quieter parts on the floor. If needed, a free workshop place for an accompanying assistant will be facilitated for participants with disabilities. Information about our location & studio access in Kreuzberg, which unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible, can be found here. For questions or more information, please contact Zoé Duflot & Elisabeth Leopold at workshop@tanzfabrik-berlin.de.

Bettina Neuhaus

Bettina Neuhaus (Amsterdam) is an Independent Dance Artist, mentor and certified Skinner Releasing Technique™ (SRT) teacher at Introductory (2004) and Ongoing (2011) levels. For over 30 years, Instant Composition in performance and the collaboration with dancers, musicians, visual artists and light designers have been at the heart of her work. Her artistic passion centers around the narratives and poetry, which unfold in the interplay between dance, live music and language revealing aspects of our human condition.With a growing interest in human ecology, she has been developing a movement practice in natural environments since 2010, which she shares in projects and special workshops. Bettina teaches Instant Composition and SRT at independent studios, art academies and universities in Europe and South America. www.bettinaneuhaus.com
Level: Movement experience
In English 
Price: 200/175€*
*early bird until 08.12.2023