Uferstudios 13
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin
Foto: Jacopo Lanteri

Studio 13

Let‘s talk about work (and life). How to work - now and in the future. by Igor Dobricic, Diego Agulló, Agata Siniarska, Sophia New
In the frame of Open Spaces#1-2015 und Studio 13

A series of talks with guests and their guests.

Studio 13 offers people in Berlin who are working in and around the area of contemporary performing arts a space to exchange ideas and opinions on artistic methods and major working areas. The working approach is illuminated and contextualised by the dialogue with a partner in four successive conversations.
The curators Silke Bake and Jacopo Lanteri invite a player of the performing arts field to enter into a conversation with a person of his choice. This person then invites a third person, who in turn finds a guest to continue the thread of conversations. The first conversation starts from an one’s own current area of working interest: this might take the form of an interview. After roughly half an hour the second person turns to the third guest and the dialogue develops further – all the way to a dialogue between the third and fourth person. The circle closes when the final person takes up the conversation thread once more with the first guest.

in English

A new format of Tanzfabrik Berlin with kind support of Uferstudios GmbH
Curated und initiated by Silke Bake and Jacopo Lanteri

Further events:
Mo 23. 3. Giulia Palladini
Mo 27. 4. Siegmar Zacharias
Mo 1.6. Florian Malzacher
each with three further guests

The names of the invited guests will be announced on our website two weeks before the event at the latest.

In the ticket price is a soup included.

Igor Dobricic

Igor Dobricic, geb. in Serbien, lebt in Berlin. Er absolvierte sein Grundstudium in Theater, Film, Radio, Fernsehen und Dramaturgie an der Akademie der dramatischen Künste in Belgrad und besuchte einen Master of Theatre am DasArts in Amsterdam. Von 1995 bis 1999 arbeitete er als Dramaturg beim Internationalen Theaterfestival in Belgrad (BITEF). Im Jahr 1999 zog er nach Amsterdam und arbeitete bis 2008 als Programmbeauftragter für die Künste bei der Europäischen Kulturstiftung. Im Jahr 2009 erhielt Dobricic eine Stelle als wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an der Amsterdamer Hochschule der Künste, wo er ein langfristiges Projekt namens „Table Talks“ entwickelte. Von 2010 bis 2011 war er Hausdramaturg des Theaters Het Veem in Amsterdam. Während dieser Zeit lehrte Dobricic außerdem regelmäßig Dramaturgie, Konzeptentwicklung und Philosophie an der Amsterdam School for New Dance (SNDO).
Als Dramaturg arbeitet er international mit Choreograf*innen und Kreativen wie Guillaume Marie, Diego Gil, Jenny Beyer, Shannon Cooney, Meg Stuart u.a. zusammen. Er ist auch als Berater und Mentor tätig, mit kontinuierlichen Engagements von verschiedenen Theatern und Institutionen (K3, DasArts etc.). Dobricic wird regelmäßig eingeladen, Workshops und Vorträge bei Kunst-/Tanzfestivals zu halten, z.B. bei ImpulsTanz Wien und in der Tanzfabrik Berlin u.a. Sein langjähriges berufliches Interesse liegt in Veranstaltungen, die durch verschiedene Kontexte im Dazwischen angesiedelt sind. Dabei bewegt er sich zwischen Theater und bildender Kunst, professionellem und nicht-professionellem Status, Einzel- und Gruppenarbeit, Ästhetik und Ethik.

Diego Agulló

Independent researcher and a dilettante artist intervening mainly in the field of contemporary dance and performance investigating the affinity between Body and Event. His work covers different media such as dance, performance, essay writing, publishing books, video art, laboratories for research, the organization of participatory events as well as the creation of contexts for independent education. He is the editor of the Circadian press.

Agata Siniarska

Agata Siniarska creates work within different formats for performances, events, practices, lectures, videos, etc. Having studied choreography and given a chance to different kinds of theatrical forms, she currently devises feminist fun studies and cultivates her yearning for language and writing, cinema and animation within the scope of her practice. She is a founding member of female trouble, a friendship based collective revolving around identity, body, feminisms, pleasure, affirmation and love. Addicted to fiction, she conducts her investigations, fashioning herself as a tool of rhetoric, through the cultural structures inscribed to her. Fueled by the energy of profound theoretical hesitancy, she approaches every action she makes with passion and intense fascination, often acting not singularly but in the company of many exquisite adventures. cargocollective.com/agatasiniarska

Sophia New

Sophia New studied Philosophy & Literature with German at Sussex University (1993- 1997) and has an MA in Feminist Performance from Bristol University (1998). She is a co-founder of plan b with Daniel Belasco Rogers. Since 2002 they have made over 25 projects for different cities, festivals, and galleries. Their work is often site specific and includes performance, GPS, sound and video. She regularly teaches Live Art and Performance at Folkwang in Essen and Bochum. Currently she is a guest Professor at the HZT for the MA SODA program.