Kreuzberg 1
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin
Foto: Frederico Mutti

7 / Axis Syllabus

Workshop with Frey Faust
In the frame of Oster Tanz 2015

How the strange ape dances 

The Axis Syllabus is a growing collection of bio-mechanical information that serves a global community as a resource for understanding, preparing and training the human body for moving. In this Axis Syllabus informed session, we will develop oddly poetic and physically and mentally challenging movement studies that will offer an array of subtle gestural quality as well as athletic demand, while we review or discover the environmental context, the complex composition and the abilities and limitations of our bodies.

Frey Faust

Frey Faust practiced Pantomime, Ballet, Aikido, African Dance, Modern, Percussion, Capoeira, Contact Improvisation; worked with David Parsons, Merce Cunningham, Randy Warshaw, Meredith Monk, Donald Byrd, Stephen Petronio and others. He is author of the book and originator of 'The Axis Syllabus'.  www.axissyllabus.org
Level: with movement experience
Language: English