S 08 / Laban Movement Studies

Antja Kennedy

In the frame of Sommer Tanz 2015 / Open Spaces#2-2015

Laban movement studies (also known as “Labananalysis”) are a tool to capture the variety and complexity of movement. They explore the categories of body, space, shape and dynamics (effort), to identify personal preferences, to increase expressiveness and to develop creative skills. Dance improvisation, set movement sequences and feedback discussions are included in the course to bring the practical work into a theoretical perspective.

Pre-requisite for the EUROLAB training certificate programme:

Antja Kennedy, dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, Certified Movement Analyst (CMA), Movement Pattern Analysis Practitioner, Global Water Dances Steering Committee Member, Director of of the EUROLAB Laban/Bartenieff Certificate Programs.

Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin Level: open
Prices 220 € ( 180 € * )
* Early Bird Price: Applies on arrival of the full workshop fee on our account by 25.06.2015