S 10 / Into the Fields

Jan Burkhardt

In the frame of Sommer Tanz 2015 / Open Spaces#2-2015

We will use the protected and codified environment of the dance studio only to prepare our bodies and minds, our perception and senso-motorical system to go out to explore the urban environment. Through constant shifts between dancing and everyday life our bodies delve into the the sounds and smells, stories and rhythms of the urban environment. When does this research turn into a performance? We decide together which direction to take it.

Jan Burkhardt is a freelance dancer/choreographer, Laban-Bartenieff Movement Analyst, musician and physiotherapist. The focus of his artistic and pedagogic work is the resonance between somatic exploration and its communication into space. Jan cooperates internationally with a variety of institutions and artists. He is currently guest lecturer at the dance universities of Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Cologne. His most recent artistic research involved a.o. projects with Laurent Chetouane, Sebastian Matthias, Martin Nachbar and Cecilia Roos.

Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin Level: open Prices 160 € ( 135 € * )
* Early Bird Price: Applies on arrival of the full workshop fee on our account by 25.06.2015
Foto: Anton Ovchinnikov