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Foto: Luca Kito

S 14B / Capturing Moving Images

Workshop with Katrina McPherson
In the frame of Sommer Tanz 2015 / Open Spaces#2-2015

A workshop for those interested in exploring the creative interface between improvised dance & video dance practice lead by internationally renowned screendance artist Katrina McPherson. It will look at ways in which improvisation can be used to generate video dance material – work that will be experienced on-screen. Taking movement as the starting point, we will explore how camera techniques can capture the spontaneity, energy, presence and connection to the audience of improvised dance performance. We will look at examples of editing as a next step in the process and in-camera editing techniques will be practiced. Katrina’s aim as facilitator is to seek a perfect balance between teaching, experimentation, enquiry and support. We will try to avoid working through the technical basics, allowing us to move immediately into the creative, aesthetic and philosophical areas of the discipline.

Screen-Dance Performance Lab
The Screen–Dance Lab sessions are an opportunity for people to engage with Katrina McPherson and Kirstie Simson who will share insights gleaned from their collaboration in creating the performance documentary film Force of Nature and on-going work. Both Katrina and Kirstie engage with their respective art forms as life practices. This is the context from which their teaching interests and styles have emerged and merge. The Lab will explore this perspective/context through: facilitated exercises; research of proposed themes; open time for play and experimentation; pushing boundaries while searching for new possibilities; and the opportunity for students to create and share their own work.Katrina and Kirstie are specifically interested in exploring the inter-changing role of dancer and camera, the observer and the observed, while filming and dancing.

In combination with Screen-Dance Performance Lab: 13:00-15:00 + Lab 17:00-20:00

Katrina McPherson

Katrina McPherson is an award-winning director and screendance artist whose creative, scholarly and educational work is at the forefront of the international field. After graduating with a degree in Dance from Laban, London, an early career fascination with the collaborative possibilities of dance and the moving image led to a post-graduate in video art, laying the foundations of what would become a multi-faceted and influential engagement with screendance. For over 30 years, Katrina has collaborated with numerous international dance artists with the resulting films, installations and on-line works presented at festivals, galleries, and venues. A much sought-after lecturer and workshop facilitator, Katrina has taught worldwide. She is the author of Making Video Dance, a step-by-step guide to creating dance for the screen, published by Routledge in 2006, with a new edition released in 2018.  Recently, Katrina has adapted her teaching and mentoring to the on-line environment, enjoying the new concepts and potential that this offers in her work with artists across the word.
Level: with movement experience. Basic knowlegde of video camera is useful. Please bring your own camera if you have one.
Language: English