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Photo: Patrick Beelaert / piece: 'Goat Ocean' directed by Julyen Hamilton

The Instrument: Dance Composition and Aliveness

Performance-Projekt with Maya M. Carroll

Dancing with our life experience is a treasures gift we are able to develop and expand. Acknowledging and handling contents, our research will involve direct inputs as well as indirect influences from outside our dance training. Movers and dancers who wish to engage with dynamic states of instant composition are invited to join this two-weeks intensive. Working individually, with partners and as a group – we will observe the fine boarders between personal experience and performance. Every session will be a continual process, following on from a class in which we will tune and awaken our senses. Starting with the body, we will practice handling physicality and directing it from centre to space. Investigating deeper, we will work towards specifying how we carry our physicality in our dancing; how we elaborate feelings, desire and thought – with the materials of dance making. Moderating emotions and technical abilities becomes a language of self expression / narrative – while we move. Practicing our ability to concentrate as well as taking a necessary distance from ourselves will support our objectivity while improvising. Observing how we nourish the work with our presence without fear/concern will allow us to enjoy ourselves and the choreography that takes place in real time.

Fee: 170 € / red: 150 € / professional dancers: 130 € / Application for the project: schule@tanzfabrik-berlin.de 
Participants are asked to send a short introduction about themselves AFTER they have applied. Please write about your background / interests / professional activities. These letters will help with preparing the ground work for the project and provide some ideas about who you are independently and within our working group. The letters will not be exposed to anyone else but Maya. Please write to: contact.the.instrument@gmail.com with the subject Performance Project.

Additionally you can join the professional training: 17. - 28.7.2015 Mo - Fr   10:00 -11:30   Professional Contemporary Training with Maya M. Carroll
Fee: 6 € per class / 10 x card 50 €

Maya M. Carroll

Maya Matilda Carroll is a choreographer, dancer and mentor, based in Europe since 2004. For over 18 years she has been creating independent work; from solo to extended group pieces, which she presents all over Europe and worldwide. In 2011 Maya formed The Instrument with her partner, composer / musician Roy Carroll. In her work Maya expresses human conditions intimately and universally; seeking a deeper connection to the (mystery / reality of) self, other/s and to nature. Working independently as well as being commissioned to create pieces for state theaters, independent companies and dance academies, Maya leads master classes and workshops in Europe and abroad, extensively developing her teaching alongside her artistic work; drawn from and towards the limitless expression of the dancing body.  www.theinstrument.org
Mo-Fr  12:00-15:00
+ Sa 29.8. 14:00-17:00!
Showing: 29.8. / 18:00