Uferstudios 3
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin
Photo: Carlos Collado

Nothing to fear and nothing to doubt

Performance-Projekt with Sonia Rodriguez

Every day we try to enjoy the moment, learning and following our way, gathering our own experiences. The motor of dancers and movers is our body, it’s the tool by which we explore the movements to communicate and canalize our emotions. All external impulses influence our dance and they manifest differently depending on our personality. This is the knowledge that we want to expand and share with others. In this performance project I would like to share my choreographic point of view, and contribute ideas to reflect on our capabilities and limitations as a performer. I invite dancers and movers who want to experiment and transform our old patterns. It will be an evolving process: we will start with a technical class to work the perception of the body as layers, with different sensation and emotional states, emphasizes the body´s natural alignments and movements. In the second part we will put our attention on more complex phrases, combining different energetic qualities and different levels. All this under the inspiring idea of “nothing to fear and nothing to doubt”. The first objective is working our presence without fear, this will allow us to be honest with our feelings and inspiration, and being able to share it with the group. We will also go through improvisation to explore the free movement, finding our own strategies to perform.

I Jumped In The River
Black-eyed Angels Swimming With Me
A Moon Full Of Stars And Astral Cars All The Figures I Used To See
All My Lovers Were There
With Me All My Past And Futures
There Was Nothing To Fear And Nothing To Doubt There Was Nothing To Fear And Nothing To Doubt There Was Nothing To Fear And Nothing To Doubt There Was Nothing To Fear And Nothing To Doubt.”
Radiohead “Pyramid Song“

Fee: 170 € / red: 150 € / professional dancers: 130 € / Registration for the project: mueller@tanzfabrik-berlin.de 

Additionally you can join the contemporary training for the project Mo + We 18:15- 19:45 / Fee: 10x card: 95 € / red.: 90 € / prof.: 70 €

Sonia Rodriguez

Sonia Rodríguez, born in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias began her professional career as an interpreter/dancer for the Cia. Provisional Dance (Madrid 1992-1996), Cia. Charleroi Danses (Belgium 1996-1998), Cia En-Knap (Slovenia 1999-1998), Cia Gissela Rocha (Zurich 1999), Cia Rui Horta (Germany 1999-2002 where besides dancing she also had been assistant), Cia H2dance (London 2002-2003). After she worked as the assistant of choreography and interpreter of other well-known companies such as Lanonima Imperial (Barcelona, Spain 2003-2005), and as a dancer for Cia Lior Lev (Stuttgart, Germany 2005), Cia Cobosmika (Barcelona, Spain 2005-2006), Cia La Baraka (Lyon, France 2006-2008), Cie Yann Lheureux (Montpellier, 2008-2013), Cie Dysoundbo (Luzern 2013), and Hausgemacht Company (Munich 2013). In 2002 she founded her own Company, Cía. Sonia Rodríguez. Besides she has been invited as a guest teacher to different dance schools, festival and companies such as Iwanson School, Scotthish Dance Theater Rep Dundee, Skaner Dansteater, Beijing Dance Festival, Danseus Festival, Norrdans,Sasha Waltz&Guest, It Dansa, Marameo Tanzprobebuhne, Profitraining Basel, Institut del Teatre, Nothern School of Contemporary Dance.

Mo + Mi 20:00-22:00

Showing: 21.10. / 21:00

31.8. - 21.10.15