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Photo: Sunčan Stone

Terpsichorean Sonics

Workshop with Ivan Mijačević
In the frame of Herbst Tanz 2015

We are affected by sound, whether we notice it or not. Our obedience to it has a profound effect on the choices we make. Music education in dance training contexts rarely equips dance artists with sufficient auditory skills in choreographic practice, improvisation performance and spontaneous composition.

Terpsichorean Sonics examines the relation of music and dance, by drawing on the elements of music (articulation, dynamics, melody, harmony, instrumentation, rhythm, texture, poetry and ambience) and the parameters of sound (duration, amplitude, pitch and timbre), and the fundamentals of western contemporary dance informed by the Judson Dance Theater legacy, somatic bodywork and Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies. Improvisation tasks and scores will give tools on dance making in relation to music, will deepen participants' physical attunement to self, other and environment, and sensitizes their awareness of preferential movement patterns in response to sound.

Demystifying the material properties of sound and movement as an act of democratizing knowledge can give space for individual's immense creative and physical capacity to blossom through skills and tools of relational, embodied practice.

Ivan Mijačević

Ivan Mijačević (Slovenia) maker, performer and educator in the fields of music and performing arts, holds an MA in dance dissemination and is a member of art collectives inability crew, SZ3, Two Kings and a French Town, con/temporary choreo-graphix, danceCO and Task-15. He has collaborated and performed with D. Alfirević, M. Bučar, M. Danoch, K. Duck, J. Fabre, J. Hamilton, K. Lorenci, L. Nelson, S. Premuš, N. Rebelo and I. Reulecke, among others. He has taught at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD), Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, Cologne University of Music and Dance, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Dance Academy Ljubljana, World DanceSport Federation, Carmina Slovenica at Yasmeen Godder and other institutions.

Level: with movement experience 
Language: English