All that mattered


Madalina Dan, Sergiu Matis

In the frame of Open Spaces #3-2015

The “Sleeping Beauty” ballet provides a full-length framework for the work of the Romanian dancers Madalina Dan and Sergiu Matis, who tear holes in the lushness of the classical ballet in order to get nearer to their own ballet history. The discrepancy between social realities in Romania in the 1990s, and the floridly opulent majestic fairy-tales in most ballets which Madalina Dan and Sergiu Matis learnt as trainee dancers has left its mark on their cover version of “Sleeping Beauty”. The two dancers created the ballet in just 20 days from their bodily memories of the frustration they felt during their training. Another of its themes is the precarious working conditions endured by dancers and choreographers today.

Concept/performance: Madalina Dan, Sergiu Matis | A production of Festival for Performing Arts Timisoara supported by Rumänisches Kulturinstitut Berlin and Tanzfabrik Berlin.

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Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

Double bill with Felix Ott/Dmitry Paranyushkin

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