New Work


Christina Ciupke, Nik Haffner, Mart Kangro

In the frame of Open Spaces #3-2015

The new work by Christina Ciupke, Nik Haffner and Mart Kangro can be seen as a continuation of their recent collaboration "wait and see" from 2012. The three artists dealt with intimate layers of physical and verbal communication as well as an exploration of how individual acts can become a collective effort. They started their new collaboration with the question to what extent each individual is replaceable. Gradually the focus has shifted to an exploration of how we can grasp what makes up a person. The performance proposes an algorithm of exchange between the performers in order to access and make visible one’s personal archive of memories, thoughts and all that has accumulated to shape what and who we are. Triggering these memories and thoughts from each other, the performance amplifies the moment before making up your mind– a moment of searching and doubt. A thought that lingers is thought twice. It's a now and a memory. 

How much time do I give you, when asking a question? 
What do I pass on to you with my answer? 

In English

Performance: Christina Ciupke, Nik Haffner, Mart Kangro | Light: Mehdi Toutain-Lopez, Emma Juliard | Production management: Barbara Greiner | A production of Christina Ciupke in coproduction with Tanzfabrik Berlin, supported by Regierender Bürgermeister Berlin, Senatskanzlei - Kulturelle Angelegenheiten, Kanuti Gildi SAAL Tallinn and the Ambassy of Estonia in Berlin

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Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin


Tickets 14 / 9 € Photo: CiupkeHaffnerKangro