Kreuzberg 3
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin

10 / Body-Mind Centering

Workshop with Lambrini Konstantinou
In the frame of Winter Tanz 2015-16

The Fascinating Labyrinth of the Brain

We are going onto a journey that discovers the features of the manifold areas of the brain. We explore the archaic, the emotional and the thinking brain in their functional centres and the spaces of their fluids. We meet the primal rhythms of the waves of the liquor and their inherent forces. We dance ourselves from path to path within the hidden structure of the brain. Embodied anatomy, unfolding the dance.

Lambrini Konstantinou

Lambrini Konstantinou, dancer, choreographer, dance pedagogue, Body-Mind Centering ® practitioner and teacher; Certified Movement Analyst; Osteopath focusing on Craniosacral and Pediatric Osteopathy; Somatic Experiencing-Trauma Healing. Lambrini combines anatomical knowledge with movement meditation, bodywork, dance and creative expression. The fulcrum (centre) of her work lies particularly in the cross-referencing of these disciplines, which regard the body as a unity of soma, mind and soul and approaching each other through researching structure and function of the tissue. All of this happens in the continuum of micro and macro, internally and externally as well as in the artistic expression of the body as a whole, both in silence and movement.

Level: open

Language: German