Olivia Hyunsin Kim

„MeMe“ starts with the question whether stereotypes are not only restrictions, but also when flipped in another way, a mean of empowerment. So far I have been dealing with stereotypes only on a level of parody. Looking back I question myself if this has become another reproduction of their representation and might have contributed to the status quo in the hierarchy of racial or sexual stereotypes. 'MeMe' deals with the materiality and embodiment of different stereotypes, not only the ones usually identified with me, but also the opposite. This is a (work in progress) showing of my research so far.

Concept, Choreography & Performance: O. Hyunsin Kim | Sound Design & Performance: Baly Nguyen | Stage & Light Design: Lea Schneidermann | Costume: Kristin Gerwien | Dramaturgy: Wicki Bernhardt | Choreography Assistance: Ricarda Sowa | In coproduction with SOPHIENSÆLE. Supported by Einstiegsförderung of the Berlin Senate, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Hessische Theaterakademi and Gießener Hochschulgesellschaft.

The showing is also part of the Theaterscouting venues tour „U8 - artery of the avant-garde“

  • Wedding 5
Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

Admission free