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5 / Feldenkrais, Contact and Ensemble Improvisation

Workshop with Simonetta Alessandri, Rick Nodine
In the frame of Oster Tanz 2016

This workshop offers the somatic approach of the Feldenkrais Method as a way into Contact and Improvisation. Directing attention to internal sensation through exploratory sequences of movement, we will question our habits in order to open new possibilities. This exploration will expand into space with larger and more complex movements. 

In the first part specific movement patterns from Feldenkrais will underpin Contact Improvisation principles, as we practice exercises that range from the simple and structural to the more complex and acrobatic. In the second part duet dancing will expand into group improvisation with compositional awareness. The clarity and subtlety of the somatic work will be reflected in how we listen and respond to a partner. Technical solo work will be a doorway to studying the easy acrobatics of Contact partnering.

Together we will create a space where trust and humor support vigorous dancing, practicing, jamming, watching, body working, resting and discussion.

Simonetta Alessandri

Simonetta Alessandri, London. Her work is informed by more than 30 years of dancing, teaching and choreographing. She began with Ballet, Modern and Contemporary but now improvisational and somatic techniques frame her inquiry into dance. She choreographed for dance companies, student pieces, large scale opera, improvised performance, site specific and movement direction for theatre. She obtained the Post Graduated Diploma in Choreography at London Contemporary Dance School, the Teacher Certificate at R.A.D. and she is qualified teacher of the Feldenkrais ® Method. Simonetta teaches at Trinity Laban, London Contemporary Dance School and Goldsmiths University. She has been a guest teacher in more than ten countries. “The Nodines” is her more recent work as performer and choreographer in collaboration with Rick Nodine and Stella Nodine. 

Rick Nodine

Rick Nodine (UK) began dancing socially and the first technical form to channel his enthusiasm was Contact Improvisation. He performed through the 90's for British Contemporary dance companies. He started teaching CI at London Contemporary Dance School in 2001, expanding his teaching range to now include composition, performance and voice/movement techniques. As a choreographer Nodine has made work for many contexts, including major Opera houses, small theatres, art galleries, text based theatre, touring dance companies and warehouse parties. As guest teacher Rick has taught in over 30 cities in 11 different countries and has led company class for many companies including Rambert Dance Company, Punchdrunk and DV8.

Level: with movement experience
in English