19:30 - 20:30


Kurs with Enrico Paglialunga

EPlay Practice is structured in two main directions: technique and work on choreographic material. The training starts with a warm up and body preparation with a particular focus of body’s extremities, in order to project them with awareness and efficiently in the space. I believe it is necessary to feed equally mind and body in order to establish a fluent and organic cooperative system; what is important is not only to obtain body’s flexibility but also mind’s, to achieve an integrated system and be faster to gain new skills. Mind and body will get the chance to work on coordination, stamina, development of kinetic awareness, speed, musicality, softness, precision and attention to details. Further on we will continue introducing more complicated movement vocabulary which will guides the group in a playground area to connect the sequences learned to energy, dynamics, satisfaction through our dancing and sharing with the group.
My personal research takes inspirations from elements of Dance Movement Therapy, theory of neuroplasticity and contemporary dance techniques I have met during my dance experience. EPlay Practice is questioning on the possibility to combine all this elements in a unique movement training for body and mind. Every hour spent in the dance studio becomes a chance to discover more about ourselves, our potentialities and our limits in a direct and respectful comparison with the other.

Enrico Paglialunga

Enrico Paglialunga is a Berlin based freelance dancer, teacher and choreographer. He had his dance education between Rome and New York, he worked and collaborate with Enzo Celli (IT), Marko Weigert & Dan Pelleg (DE), Brice Mousset(USA), Eun Hwa Nary Shin (USA), Sonia Rodriguez (DE) and Sommer Ulrikson (DE), Theater Strahl Berlin, DeDanser (NL) and the theater director/choreographer Helena Waldmann. Before entering the freelance scene he worked for “Wee Dance Company” at the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater in Görlitz. As Choreographer, he created the piece “A New Beginning” for 6 dancers for the production “Kurzstrecke” | Wee dance company (DE) and "A step towards", a solo that recently won the 1st Prize at the Choreographic Competition Nowa Huta Kultury Center of Krakòw. In March 2017 Enrico has been invited as Guest Choreographer at the National Dance Company of Rome, to create the dance piece “Pantarei” for the students of the contemporary department. Enrico has been invited to teach his training at Tanzfabrik & Dock 11 Berlin, TanzKompanie des Landesbühnen Sachsen- Carlos Matos, WeeDance company Gh-Theater, Profitraining Leipzig LOFFT Theater and more… Currently he is attending a Bachelor in DanceMovement Therapy at Arte.do/University of Salento(IT).