Performance project special 2: In the Wish for Continuity

Shai Faran

The only thing that is forever continuous in our lives is ourselves.
Still, there is the wish to have continuous relationships and regularities with other things, people, places, ideas, practices and situations along the way. In todays "movement market", as there are so many possibilities and so much information running around us, if we want to have regularity and continuity, we need to actively create it for ourselves. We need to make clear choices and follow those choices in a sustainable way.
In terms of movement - following the same physical practice for longer time, to experience the long term affects and results.
In terms of knowledge - following the same source of knowledge for longer time, to arrive to the deeper layers of the information.
In terms of perspective - to follow something for enough time that can give you a different perspective about it then the one that you had in first place.
In this performance project, I would like to share my continuous practice and research and to invite people that have the interest in this practice, to start a process of regularity and progression in a frame of meeting and working situation. I want to initiate a structure for people to follow, learn and get intrigued by my ideas and propositions, and for me to share those idea with people who have hunger, passion, taste, work ethic and desire to have fun and to work hard. The work itself will be directed to three main topics: Warm-up, technical work and dancing. Each one of those topics will be explored through my personal approach to it, which is focused on physical work, breaking habits, challenging the body and the mind and having good time.

Fee: 160 € / red: 140 € / professional dancers: 120 € / Registration for the project: (Please send a short cv and a letter of motivation for the project in English + which of the performance projects you want to join)

Möckernstr. 68, 10965 Berlin

Sat-Mon 10:00-16:00
Showing: 16.5.  16:00

Photo: Bart Grietens