Uferstudios 4
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin

No. 5: "The Vanishing Meeting" + "Fourteen Functional Failures"

Performance by Temporary Archipelago

The Vanishing Meeting
This performance results from the gradual erosion of a group practice into a solo practice. In a room, a person talks about things that may never take place. Utterances addressed both to no one and to everyone inquire into the power of imagination. These suggestions take the audience on a journey that begins in the very room they are in, before drifting away into a land of science fiction.

Concept: Ana Laura Lozza, Bárbara Hang | Performance: Ana Laura Lozza

Fourteen Functional Failures
fourteen functional failures is a series of failures executed by Lee Meir. The project practices questions regarding rhythm and physical time within complex relations between language, body, voice, and sound. failures n#7 & n#9 will be shown at Tanzfabrik. failure n#7 focuses on the gap created between the body, anchored to the uncertainty of now, and the privilege of displacement from the now, which language enables. failure n#9 activates a multiplicity of speeches and sound-actions in rigid momentary rhythmic structures. failures n#4, n#5, n#7 and n#9 have been presented at Nah Dran, ada Studio, Berlin / Vulva Club, ausland, Berlin / Die Lust am Text, Tanzquartier Wien.

Concept, Performance: Lee Méir

Thus far, Temporary Archipelago has presented 5 editions. For Temporary Archipelago no. 1, we orchestrated an event at Tanzfabrik Berlin that presented the beginning of four works with separate authors. In Temporary Archipelago no. 2 we collaborated for the creation of Interluding, an exhibition-performance that examined each other’s previous works from for mutual themes, urgencies, and gestures. For Temporary Archipelago no. 3 we planned a lecture-performance in which we will reflect upon proximity and contemporaneity immersed in a cloud of fog. The concept “A Room full of Cloud” has not yet been realized. For Temporary Archipelago no 4 we turned to collective writing for the online journal Reciprocal Turn.

Temporary Archipelago

Temporary Archipelago is a collective platform consisting of dance artists Ana Laura Lozza, Lee Meir, Kareth Schaffer, and Claudia Tomasi. We founded this platform to ensure that the communal and supportive relations we fostered during our studies at HZT Berlin would not suffer from an artistic landscape still largely obsessed with individual production. On this occasion, Temporary Archipelago members Ana Laura Lozza and Lee Meir* present their latest works, The vanishing meeting and fourteen functional failures, parallel to Kareth Schaffer’s premiere of Unheard Of at Tanzfabrik Berlin.
*Claudia Tomasi could not take part in this edition, but she is coming back for Temporary Archipelago nr. 6!