Contact Improvisation - What's Gender got to do with it?

Interaktive Lecture

Kristin Horrigan

In the frame of Sommer Tanz 2016

Our bodies carry both conscious and deeply embodied notions of gender. How do these ideas and behaviors influence the choices we make in our dancing? Where do they expand and where do they limit our possibilities? Even in a dance form as inherently un-gendered as contact improvisation, how do notions of masculinity, femininity, trans-identity, etc. shape the decisions we make (and the decisions we see available to us)?

In this interactive lecture, we will examine how gender influences the ways in which we organize and use our bodies and the roles we take on and off the dance floor. Our discussion will focus primarily on gender identity, rather than on related issues of sexuality, heteronormativity, etc.

Workshop in the frame of Sommer Tanz 25.-29.7.2016

  • Kreuzberg 1
Möckernstr. 68, 10965 Berlin

Free Admission
in English