In the Wish for Continuity

Shai Faran

Movement Material and More
The only thing that is forever continuous in our lives is ourselves. Still, there is the wish to have continuous relationships and regularities with other things, people, places, ideas, practices and situations along the way. In todays "movement market", as there are so many possibilities and so much information running around us, if we want to have regularity and continuity, we need to actively create it for ourselves. We need to make clear choices and follow those choices in a sustainable way. In terms of movement - following the same physical practice for longer time, to experience the long term affects and results. In terms of knowledge - following the same source of knowledge for longer time, to arrive to the deeper layers of the information. In terms of perspective - to follow something for enough time that can give you a different perspective about it then the one that you had in first place. This Performance Project is an invitation for people who are interested to join my continuous practice and research, and to become part of that on-going work that is what I live and teach. I am interested in working with people that have hunger, passion, taste, work ethic and desire to have fun and to work hard. The workshop will focus on concrete and defined movement principles and scores, that will accumulate into tools do develop a reach movement material through Open Form practice. This material will then be used for different expressive purposes in a performative context. We will deal with the topic of performativity, without aiming to construct a performance.

Fee: 220 €, red. 200 €, profis 180 € | Binding registration:

Möckernstr. 68, 10965 Berlin

Mo-Fr 10:00-15:00
Showing: 19.8.16   15:00

Photo: Christel Pilkaer Thomsen