To Work With What There Is…

Jan Burkhardt, Sigal Zouk

A lot of times in dance as in life we want what we don´t have, and we are somewhere with our thoughts while our senses are here (waiting for us in vain). In this project we want to use what there is, in the here and now, and open everything else from this place. We use sensation as our key base, since sensation happens only in the here and now. And we use performance as one particular possibility of sensation (I am here, you are there watching me/ I am here watching you, you are there on stage). Within this fundamental frame we explore space (taking space, giving space, sharing space, leaving space, becoming space) and how mass and surface informs space - and vice versa. And then we allow to witness how universes can grow from here, always with the roots in this space, now.

190 €, erm. 170 €, prof. 150 € | Binding registration for the project:

Additionally you can book the professional training:
The training mainly focuses on bringing our perception channels to a state of immediacy and to let our motor system become maximally reactive. this happens through applying explorative anatomical research as well as opening improvisational structures and the negotiation between information from within and around the bodies.

Mo-Fr 10:00-12:00 | Fee: single class 8 €, 10x card, if you have booked the performance project: 50 €

Möckernstr. 68, 10965 Berlin

Mo-Fr 12:30-16:30, Sa/Su 10:00-16:00
Showing 7.8.16   16:00