Galerie Patrick Ebensperger / Luxoom Lab Stage
Filmstill: Felix Ott

Tanzfabrik Berlin at Galerie Patrick Ebensperger : Capturing Dance: "Concrete Park"

Filmische Installation


"Capturing Dance - dance documentation as artistic practice", sheds new light for the first time in the field of dance on an artistic approach to dance documentation. Over the course of one year, students from the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin and the Academy of Media Arts Cologne as well as colleagues from the professional dance world have been examining the interdependence between choreography, performance and documentation. After a symposium in Berlin and an intensive workshop phase in Cologne, a film installation documented the progress of the project and the different outcomes of the artistic encounter and exchange between the project participants. There will also be a series of talks with the artists involved on the weekend of the launch.

Freitag, 24.6.16    ab 19:00
19:00 Vernissage
ca. 22:00 DJane Bella Cuts

Samstag, 25.6.2016   12:00 bis 18:00
Frameprogramme for the film presentation:
13:30 Dialog #1: Bettina Knaup (curator) in a conversation with project participants
15:00 Dialog #2: Janez Janša (artist, theoretician) in a conversation with project participants
16:30 Dialog #3: Sandra Umathum (scientist, dramaturg) in a conversation with project participants


Artists: Akseli Aittomäki, Saori Hara, Janine Iten, Liad Hussein Katorowicz, Yuebing Luo, Lisa Müller-Trede, Lulu Obermayer, Valentin Tszin, Enrico Wey (Students MA SODA of HZT) and Mariana Bártolo, Hannah Dörr, Peter Haas, Krzysztof Honowski, Şirin Şimşek, Walter Solon, Felix Zilles Perels (Students KHM) as well as the choreographers and media artists Christina Ciupke, Miriam Gossing, Felix M.Ott, Benjamin Ramírez Pérez, Lina Sieckmann | Film-Editing: Tobias Yves Zintel | Exibition design: Felix Zilles-Perels & PMG | Curator frameprogramme: Alexandra Hennig | Project mentors: Phil Collins, Eva-Maria Hoerster, Boyan Manchev, Tobias Yves Zintel for the programme of studies in Berlin and Köln, Sigrid Gareis (Project initiator), Patrick Ebensperger and Sebastian Hoffmann for the gallery, Ludger Orlok for Tanzfabrik Berlin | Project documentation: Alexandra Hennig | Production management: Barbara Greiner | Production assistance: Mira Lina Simon.

A TANZFONDS ERBE project. Produced by Tanzfabrik Berlin, supported by Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin(HZT), Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) and the DFG-Project „Verzeichnungen“; in cooperation with Galerie Patrick Ebensperger und Luxoom Lab Berlin, the Institut für Theaterwissenschaft der FU Berlin, DFG- research project "ÜberReste“. Supported by TANZFONDS ERBE – a initiative of Kulturstiftung des Bundes - and the Schering Foundation.

Free Admission
Galerie Patrick Ebensperger / Luxoom Lab
Plantagenstr. 30
13347 Berlin