Utter silence, then soft, quiet music with gentle movements - a beautiful image occurs, thoughts start drifting...
"Bipolar“ is a choreography about the positive strength and ambivalent expression of melancholy, taken into the bizarre. Bipolar thoughts, melancholy - that's when inner pleasure and happiness collide with utter sadness. Different connections between bodies are being created, and silent conversations take place, each telling of their own, sometimes odd, story.
Melancholy is a very powerful emotion that can give us strength and belongs to us just like any other feeling.. such as joy, energy, boredom or ecstasy. It is a natural underlying mood of the human soul and not “a separated part of oneself". Melancholy is a postive sadness, that seduces us, touches us and leads us back to ourselves again. Dive in, and enjoy the high-contrasted world of melancholy with all its contradictions.

The choreography was developed this spring by Johanne Castillo Bro and the participants of her "Dancing Choreography" classes.

Duration: approx. 15 minutes + talk

  • Wedding 3
Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

Free Admission