O-7 / Body-Mind Centering®: Structure, Space, Energy

Jens Johannsen

In the frame of Oster Tanz 2017

Body-Mind Centering connects the experiences and movement of all structures of our body to space and energy. In this workshop we explore how the fine structures of our body effect our dance. We focus on those parts of our muscles that sense movement, the connective tissue of the digestive system and the meninges. These structures are essential to help to find and manage our alignment and expression while moving. No bodily structure can function without its integration into the rest of the body, so we will also look at the bones, the fascia and the organs. We will move a lot in this workshop as well as use touch, and we will talk about it.

Jens Johannsen is a dancer, movement therapist and artisan. He is the director of moveus, the German licensed Institute for BMC. Concerned with the interaction of body and mind since 1979, he has met with teachers of dance, theatre, voice, humanist psychology, body therapy, yoga, meditation and others during his studies. In 1983 he discovered Body-Mind Centering as a dancer. He completed the training programme in 1989 to be the first German Practitioner and continued immediately with the training to be assistant and teacher. Since 1993 he has been teaching in BMC-Trainings and since 2003 he leads them worldwide. As well as following his passion for teaching he works with clients of all ages and a multitude of questions.

Möckernstr. 68, 10965 Berlin

Level: Open

Prices 120 € ( 105 € * )
* Early Bird Price: Applies on arrival of the full workshop fee on our account by 30.03.2017
Photo: Elise Scheider