Cross The Borders Of Our Border (fully booked)

Sonia Rodriguez

We receive a lot external impulses every day which is influencing our dance .They manifest in different ways depending on the context, space and our identity.
The main objective in this performance project is to find the “Authentic” movement starting from how we feel in the present moment. Rediscover and enhance all qualities of movement and their intention.
Therefore I invite dancers and movers who want to experiment and transform old patterns. It will be an evolving process: We will bring our attention to more complex phrases, combining different energetic qualities and different levels. All this under the topic of “ To cross the borders of our border”. The first objective will be working on our presence without fear. This will allow us to get closer to our feelings and inspiration, and being able to share it within the group. Secondly we will go through an intense physical work to explore bodily experience, to find images and our own strategies to perform.

Fee: 180 € / red: 160 € / professional dancers: 140 € / Application for the project:

Additionally you can join the open contemporary training
We will start with a technical class to work the perception of the body as layers, with different sensations and emotional states, emphasizes the body ́s natural alignments and movements, between doing and observing the flow of impulses. We will work on different sequences, focusing our attention in which energy, which space, movement dynamic and speed we use in our dance.

Open training: Mo & Wed18:15-19:45 Fee: For people joining the Performance Project: 105 € for the training period during the project / For everybody else: 10x card: 95 € / red.: 90 € / prof.: 75 €

Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

Mo + Wed 20:00-22:00
Showing: 31.5.2017 / 21:00
Application for the project:
Phone 030.786 58 61

Photo: Carlos Collado