20:00 - 21:30
Kreuzberg 1
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin

with movement expierence

Continuously into Movement

Kurs with Roni Rotem

An improvisation class where we aim to keep moving for one and a half hour without stopping. In this class, we start moving in the space, mobilizing every body part and leading the body into action. We activate the movements from the center and we improvise, sharing our energy, within the space, from and back to out totality. The body will find new places to arrive and learn to understand its own aliveness inside different dynamics, continues tasks, pauses and composition changes. The purpose is for the participants to understand the meaning of conscious and unconscious dance, to believe in it, to trust different movement possibilities and unlock their imagination non stop. Inside the flow of the class, we challenge our own existence, share and demand inspiration from what is around us, inside us, in and out of our imagination and make it appear through our physicality. We train the body to talk and represent what it is and how it feels, expressing its own dramaturgy and being alive inside the stories which can be told though dancing.

Roni Rotem

Roni Rotem is a choreographer and a dance teacher based in Berlin. 2019 prize winner for independent choreographers from the cultural ministry of Israel. She graduated from the Danceworkshop Gaaton, worked as a professional dancer in Jerusalem dance theater company and as a freelance dancer with Israeli and US choreographers (Shlomi Bitton, Chad M. Hall and more..). She completed her B.A in dance, with a teaching certificate from The Kibbutzim College. During the past 4 years Roni created dance works with an international cast of dancers and toured in Spain, Germany, Austria, France including residencies and multiple performances at Suzzane Dellal center in Israel. Her works received invitations to festivals around Europe Such as: Agitart, 10 Sentidos, Tanzintents, Craft Choreography, Biennal Clandestine, PAS, Acker Stadt Palast, CCB tanz and more… These days she is managing her own dance group performing her works ( 9 Muses and Welcome to Virtual Humans) around Europe.  www.ronirotemdance.com