16:00 - 17:30
Kreuzberg 1
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin
Photo: Melissa Schriek


Kurs with Julie Carrere

This class combines improvisation, movement research and the practice of specific movements on the floor and in standing which is leading into a combination. The participants are invited to connect with their sensations and the idea of honesty in their movement. Giving up of expectations will allow each individual to make their body more available to process information and move more freely. Focusing on musicality, coordination, release, and fluidity, this class aims to give tools for the students to enjoy and enrich their practice. The warm up is improvisation based and an invitation for the dancers to bring their attention inwards to notice their present state and their breath. The improvisation proposition is open to various interpretations and is allowing everyone to follow their own intuition and impulses. The second part of the class leads to a movement phrase and is introduced by a practice in repetition of specific movements. The focus is then on finding mobility and understanding mechanisms in the body. Julie will facilitate this exploration by inviting the participants to find efficiency and softness in dynamic movements. 

Julie Carrere

Julie Carrere is from Paris, France. She studied Ballet and Contemporary dance in the Conservatoire Régional de Paris from 2014 to 2017 and graduated with a Diploma of Choreographic Studies. After her graduation, she danced in Bordeaux for a year in a junior company. In 2018, she created her first solo composition ‘Nocturnes’ on the theme of dreams. She then danced for 2 years in Madrid with the company Elephant in the Black Box where she met different choreographers with various influences and styles. Currently, she is freelancing in Berlin, collaborating with multidisciplinary artists and exploring topics in her movement research such as intimacy, clowning and the shapes and their emotional impact. With these tools, she is developing her own choreographies as a solo and as a duet in collaboration with Agathe Vincent. In September 2020, she took part in a Franco- German performance residency in Frankfurt under the direction of Ferenc Kreti (T- LAP) and Jungyeon Kim. Back to Berlin, she performed in ‘Glacier Elegy’ an outdoor performance, with the New York based installation and performance artist, Jaanika Pernak. During the winter 2021, Julie was part of the new dance creation of Richard Oberscheven ‘Rotational Distance’. The piece premiered in Frankfurt at Theater Gallus on the 13th of January 2022.'