You said you'd give it to me - soon as you were free


Juli Reinartz

In the frame of Open Spaces#3-2017

A metaphor with good intentions, an attempt with powerless means.

A body gets portrayed while dancing. The movie zooms in and out and registers all anatomical and performative details. The camera turns the body into microscopic material, flickering images, alien posture and moving pixel. But the camera actually does not exist: It is just the model for the audience´s perspective. It opens up the body for being both – modifiable material and desiring subject. Along the way Juli Reinartz´ solo becomes a secret duet with the audience. It turns cyborgfeminist and searches the techno body for what becomes possible, technically and socially. Here it encounters the most important question: how does it all feel like?

Choreography, performance: Juli Reinartz | Artistic collaboration: Liz Rosenfeld | Dramaturgical collaboration: Rose Beermann | Light design: Josefin Hinders, Bjoern Kuajara | Production: Tove Dahlblom | Supported by Slingan, DNA and Residencies by MDT and Tanzfabrik Berlin. Research funded by Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.

In the frame of the dance campaign „Watch Me Dance“.

6.11. Aftertalk

  • Wedding 4
  • Wedding 4
Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

German premiere

Tickets 14 / 9 € Photo: Sarah Bouars