apap production studio berlin – Time to Meet: Felix Mathias Ott „The Last Migration“

Work-in Progress

Felix Mathias Ott

A German choreographer with an intense interest in mythology, whose work seems like a contemporary call to myths like the Odyssey and Iliad reaches India, meets artists and collaborators in a land where there is no real separation from mythology and reality. The Gods and the warriors from the myths exist in the midst of contemporary day-to day life in India. "The Last Migration" is a collaboration that brings together a German Choreographer/Director Felix Mathias Ott, his partner in art Benjamin Brix and two collaborators/performers from India, Vinod Ravidran and Puja Sarup. This residency is the adhesive, the in between so to speak, that will create the multi media film that will help this process-oriented residency to move towards its ultimate destination: the performance.  The four collaborators hope, through movement, film and theatre, to find common ground in the landscape of performance that cuts through myth, stories, reality and art. Helping us as we move towards "The Last Migration". 

Director/Choreographer: Felix Mathias Ott | Video Art: Benjamin Brix | Performers: Puja Sarup, Vinod Ravindran | Production: Sandbox Collective | Supported by the International Co-Production Fund of the Goethe-Institute. | In the frame of apap - Performing Europe 2016-2020, co-funded by Creative Europe Programme der EU.


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