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O-6 / The Axis Syllabus: Somato-logic

Workshop with Frey Faust
In the frame of Oster Tanz 2018

"The personal discipline that helped me regain mobility and expand my skills and the skills of many of my students entailed a rigorous return to a somatological reintegration. It may seem contradictory, but the recognition of my body’s own inherited reality, accepting the limits it suggested, has allowed me to heal, renew or improve. The recognition of the commonality of that heritage with the rest of this planet’s history. The disciplined practice of movements that align with and are supportive of the body-mind-ecology: tri-axiality, zero-point departure and neutrality in all movement. I have been sharing this potent approach for over twenty years and it never loses its fascination, it’s power and inspiration. Come dance with me!" Frey Faust

The Axis Syllabus is a compendium of information about the human body in motion from various resources such as anatomy, biomechanics, medicine, psychology, social ethics, philosophy and the arts. It is an easy to understand, practical diagnostic tool that helps those that use it to move better with less injury, suggesting a preventative approach to building skill, strength and flexibility, a potential plus for all human activity. The AS lists and compares current knowledge of past and present methods and scientific information. It serves a global community as a resource for understanding, preparing and training the human body for moving.

Frey Faust

Frey Faust practiced Pantomime, Ballet, Aikido, African Dance, Modern, Percussion, Capoeira, Contact Improvisation; worked with David Parsons, Merce Cunningham, Randy Warshaw, Meredith Monk, Donald Byrd, Stephen Petronio and others. He is author of the book and originator of 'The Axis Syllabus'.  www.axissyllabus.org

Level: Movement experience
In English