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Lecture Performance · Premiere by Lina Majdalanie
In the frame of Open Spaces#1-2018

I don’t remember anymore, which artist retorted once that »artists don’t have to clean up the shit that politicians do«.

In 2009, Tanzfabrik asked Lina Majdalanie to present a lecture performance on the role of the performer in the future. Since a number of years, and today more than ever, this question seems to deeply concern the artistic milieu – with the 'slight' difference that the question is now posed in terms of the urgency of 'today' instead of the future, given the disturbing changes that are taking place on the political, economic, social, climatic, … in fact, on all levels. A number of panels, meetings and colloquia have been dedicated to this problem.

Afterwards talk with Silke Bake

By and with Lina Majdalanie | The Lecture Performance 2009 was realized with the kind support of the International Research College »Verflechtungen von Theaterkulturen«.

Lina Majdalanie

Lina Majdalanie, who was born in Beirut (Libanon), is an actress, director, and author. She has conceptualized numerous productions, including Do I Know you? (2017), A Drop of Sweat (2015), 33 rpm and a few seconds (2012), Photo-Romance (2009), Lina Saneh Body-P-Arts Project (a website project, 2007 and installation, 2009), Someone Must Have Been Telling Lies About Me (vidéo-installation, 2008), Appendice (2007), I Had A Dream, Mom (vidéo, 2006), Biokhraphia (2002), Extrait d’Etat Civil (2000) and others. Majdalanie was a member of the Curriculum Committee for the Home Workspace Program Ashkal Alwan (2010-2014). She has taught at Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design (Geneva, 2008-2013), DasArts (Amsterdam, 2012), and Goethe University (Frankfurt, 2016). She was fellow at the International Research Center “Interweaving Performance Cultures” at Freie Universität Berlin 2013/2014. In her works, Majdalanie explores the variations of political language in our times of globalization and digital technology. She curated the program “Beyond Beirut” at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt am Main in 2016.