Oh Well - Part 24 & 25

Performances · Dernière der Reihe »Oh Well«

Andrew Morrish

In the frame of Open Spaces#1-2018

Final World Tour Performances.

The »Oh Well project« is a series of 25 unique, extended, solo improvisations, that Andrew Morrish started in 2015. His work is marked by the combination of idiosyncratic movement and language and fueled by his huge appetite for communication.

Concept: Andrew Morrish | Choreography: Andrew Morrish |  Direction: Andrew Morrish | Dramaturgy: Andrew Morrish | Performance: Andrew Morrish | Sound Design: Andrew Morrish | Costume: Andrew Morrish | Set: Andrew Morrish | Light Design: Marco Wehrspann | A production by Tanzfabrik Berlin. A project of Platform East - Berlin & Eastern Europe, a platform for Australian Artists and Australian-European Cooperation, supported by the Australian Government through the Catalyst - Australian Arts and Culture Fund, the Australia Council, and the Australian Embassy.

  • Wedding 12
  • Wedding 12
Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin Tickets 15 / 10 € Photo: Tjasa Kalka