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Photo: Lee Kyeong Yoon

Time to Meet: Hye Min Na

Open Studio by Hye Min Na

"Time to Meet" is a series of open rehearsals and discussions, a meeting place for exchange and feedback on artistic processes, this time with the artist Hye Min Na.

„I exist because you exist.“

This performance is based on audience participation. You are an active member and part of the audience in this room as well. It doesn't matter what you do. Enjoying this moment together with the performer is focused. We're breathing together in this room and our breath accumulates. The idea of floating in the space can be a mysterious experience. We can try to create the same moment, but it's not exactly the same as it is today. We keep this beautiful moment in our hearts now as an intangible nature of memory. This happy memory is the moment when we get together.

“I exist because you exist. It is extraordinary for me to remember your breath. I wish It would be something special in our memory. Let's create this moment together. Now!”

This takes place within the framework of a residence, which is made possible through cooperation with the Daegu Cultural Foundation in Daegue, Korea.


Hye Min Na

Previous experiences can have an huge impact on us. From her childhood experiences, Hye Min has learned that the ultimate goal of all arts can be to create something of oneself. During Hye Min's studies, she worked as an assistant of Professor Johan Sternholm in 2015 and as a dancer for the Ten-Topic Project. Ten-Topic Project is a collaborative program that includes performing and visual arts. Here she first became acquainted with a new art form that enabled her to learn about interdisciplinarity and composite art. The result was the desire to work on performances that integrate various art fields. Her previous work includes "Golden Apple" (2016, Korean Pansori Theater) and "Desire Works" (2017), which include: moving in the field of electronic music and theater. Hye Min has learned in this work that specialists and new people in the field have a different understanding of dance, so he wants to create performances that will allow non-specialists to access and understand the genre.

Free Admission