apap production studio berlin: Time to Meet - Julia Schwarzbach

Work in Progress

Julia Schwarzbach

"Time to Meet" is a series of open rehearsals and discussions, a meeting place for exchange and feedback on artistic processes, this time with the artist Julia Schwarzbach.

In this new project, Julia and dancer Emmi Väisänen, accompanied by performer/musician Nic Lloyd, inhabit a space of shifting terrains where they work to access diverse possible worlds: desert, ice floe, lone hut high in the mountains, the edge of a great plain, tectonic plates beneath our feet. They are alone together in a space of intimate separation, distanced proximity, and lone navigation. As they move on the space folds and unfolds, bends and curves, elongates and telescopes, blurring distinctions between distant pasts, possible futures, and alternative presents. Julia´s projects explore ideas and forms of co-existence, being-with and functional equality: between performers, spectators/participants, and physical materials, creating spaces of deceleration and intimite atmospheres. Accompanied by dance scientist Anna Leon we invite you to join us in this current state of the process and to talk together.

Concept, Performance, Choreography: Julia Schwarzbach | Performance, Choreography: Emmi Väisänen | Sound: Nic Lloyd | Dramaturgical accompaniment: Anna Leon | Space/materials: Ragna Heiny | Production: Katharina Frieda Meier | Supported by Kultur Stadt Salzburg, Kultur Land Salzburg, tanz_house Salzburg | Coproduction: Toihaus Theater Salzburg, Tanzfabrik Berlin in the frame of apap performing europe 2020.

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Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

Free Admission

Photo: Nikos Stavlas