Studio 13 – The Drifting Pleasure

Encounters around a table

Anne Faucheret, Sergiu Matis

»Drifting occurs whenever I do not respect the whole, and whenever, by dint of seeming driven about by language‘s illusions, seductions, and intimidations, like a cork on the waves, I remain motionless, pivoting on the intractable bliss that binds me to the text (to the world).«
Roland Barthes, The Pleasure of the Text

Roland Barthes‘ quote inspires this year‘s Studio 13 series of talks. Starting from Barthes‘ drifting pleasure, we move into the vastness of the Performing Arts. Several talks about topics such as technology, money and corporality will let us explore unexpected and unusual shores and develop visions to open up possible new paths.
On the evening of the 14th of January, Anne Faucheret (curator at Kunsthalle Wien) and Sergiu Matis (Berlin based choreographer) will drift in a landscape of cyborgs, AI and technological revolution. Through presentation of projects, discussions and examples of practices they will explore how technology affects the bodies and how could be possible to re-humanise them beyond the humanist tradition.

In English

With Anne Faucheret, Sergiu Matis | STUDIO 13 was initiated by curators Silke Bake and Jacopo Lanteri in 2015 with the aim to offer a space for exchange about working methods and interests in the field of performing arts. 
Concept 2018/19: Jacopo Lanteri, Curator/Dramaturg

Preview: Studio 13 – The Drifting Pleasure in the frame of Open Spaces#1-19:
Mo 11.02.2019  19:00  Andrea Binder, Bettina Vissmann
Mo 04.03.2019  19:00  Julian Weber, Jeremy Wade

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