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Photo: Mark Small

O-7 / Lyricism of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Workshop with Raphan Kebe
In the frame of Oster Tanz 2019

This workshop series is set out as a platform for enquiry as to what it means to be in flow, to travel through space, and as importantly how to possibly do so in such a lyrical way that a sequence of movement practiced collectively becomes a series of individual somatic dances. Through the use of various Space & Flow Vinyasa sequences, and their implied limitations, participants will be invited to explore their inner and outer space… Perhaps even respond to 'simple' questions such as: Does somatic growth imply discomfort?, and if so, in what sense? Or, Can one find themselves by simply following others?, and if so, at what cost? The aim of Space & Flow is to promote Yoga, and in particular Vinyasa, as a platform for experimentation, self-discovery and ultimately a path towards self-expression. As such this workshop is open to all, beginners & experienced movers alike, who are willing to test out, make mistakes and smile at the idea of being lost in space.

Examples of teaching sequences:
Scirocco Sequence
Khanti Sequence

Raphan Kebe

Raphan Kebe (UK) originally trained as a photographer, moved from Paris to London in 1997 to study music, and now teaches movement and somatic awareness internationally and in studios and performing arts schools within and around London. Raphan founded Space & Flow eight years ago after having trained with various Yoga schools such as Jivamukti and Power Yoga. His interest in bodywork, and fascia in particular, stems from his days as a massage therapist and student of Tom Myers’ (Anatomy Trains) method of structural Integration (K.M.I ). Raphan is currently training as a Feldenkrais practitioner. www.space-flow.com


Level: Open
In English
Not barrier-free