Performance · Premiere

Sergiu Matis

In the frame of Open Spaces!

In the ecology between poetic language and choreography words collide woefully with flesh.

In an unceasingly warming world, what is left of the idyllic nature described in the pastoral poems of Theocritus and Virgil? Today, we forge our own pastoral settings out of remains while mourning the losses yet to come. In the ecosystem of poetry and choreography, performers are technologically enhanced nymphs and shepherds that exorcise all possible dystopian scenarios and compete to see who can make the audience cry the loudest. Hopelessness is not a state of a paralysis, but instead a force that moves us to act.

Concept, choreography: Sergiu Matis | Performance: Martin Hansen, Sergiu Matis, Manon Parent | Text: Sergiu Matis, Mila Pavicevic, based on translations of Virgil and Theocritus | Sound design: AGF aka Antye Greie | Dramaturgy: Mila Pavicevic | Set design: Dan Lancea | Costume: Philip Ingman | Light design: Sandra Blatterer | Production management: Dag Lohde | Choreografic assistance: Orlando Rodriguez | A Sergiu Matis production | Funded by the Capital Cultural Fund, the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, coproduced by Tanzfabrik Berlin in the frame of Open Spaces! | In cooperation with Radialsystem V. | Animal recordings used from the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Xeno-canto Foundation.

10.2. | 19:00 Haptic Access Tour + Audio description during the performance
For visually impaired audiences, Jess Curtis will offer live audio description and haptic access tours for selected performances. Audio description is a live audio track spoken by a professional audio describer to audience members with visual impairments through a wireless headset system. It will provide clear and engaging descriptions of the meaningful visual details of a performance. Haptic access tours (20-30 minutes) will help to construct and present a live pre-show tour that allows patrons to haptically experience the space, performers, costumes and objects in addition to key movement elements in the performance.
Limited places, registration:

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7.2. | 20:00 Public rehearsal

Holzmarktstraße 33, 10243 Berlin

Tickets 15 / 10 € Photocollage: Philip Ingman