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Foto: Miriam Jakob


Time to Meet · Work in Progress by Miriam Jakob
In the frame of Open Spaces!

A somatic encounter of zoo policy, research material and genesis myths.

Starting point of this work is a visit at the SenseLab (Montréal) and a research in the zoo of Louisville with the primatologist Dawn Prince-Hughes on the communication between humans and gorillas. On the basis of their field recordings and the experiences they have gathered, Miriam Jakob and Felix Classen test a new choreographic experimental arrangement. The myth of mimetic imitation, the interplay of difference and indistinguishability as well as the common use of technology are made sensory perceptible.

Concept: Miriam Jakob, Felix Classen | Collaboration: Dawn Prince-Hughes, Jelani | Choreography, Performance: Miriam Jakob | Sound: Felix Classen | Dramaturgy: Maja Zimmermann.

Miriam Jakob

Miriam Jakob, a Berlin-based choreographer, performer, and artistic researcher, explores representation, accessibility, and inter-species communication through her work. With a focus on personal narratives, socio-political issues, and ecological concerns, her choreography spans installations, film, and collaborative stage productions. Notable projects include "Breathing With" alongside Jana Unmüßig and Lisa Densem, and the ongoing interdisciplinary endeavor "Den Berg Hören – Choreografien des Zerfallens". Miriam holds an MA in Choreography from the Theaterschool of Amsterdam, a BA in Dance, Context, Choreography from HZT, and an MA in Anthropology from FU. She is also an active member of Berlin's ALTES Finanzamt e.V. queer feminist collective.

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