Kreuzberg 3
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin
Photo: Jacob Stage

S-10 / UnlOcking

Workshop with Nora Amin
In the frame of Open Spaces/Sommer Tanz 2019

A workshop for performers and non-performers with a wish for self expression and empowerment, with a will for transformation, and with faith in openness and exchange. Through a series of exercises, movement hypothesis and improvisation Nora Amin will explore the traces of the personal memory, focusing on experiences of pain and confrontation. Based on this the participants will be guided through creating their own physical language and investing their emotional and physical vocabularies in order to reconcile, share and construct personal solos and group work as a performative statement, and as a healing adventure. For those who aim for a profound dance experience that transcends the body, connects the emotions with the corporal, testimony with choreography, and intersects with the social and political.

Mon 22.7.   15:00   Lecture with Nora Amin »UnlOcking (verbum

Nora Amin

Nora Amin is an Egyptian performer, choreographer, theatre director, author & dance instructor, living in Berlin. In her choreographic work, as well as in her writing and research, she adopts a feminist perspective and searches for personal authorships and signatures that can transform dance and performance either into a political medium of resistance, or into a field of intersectional healing. Throughout her body of work, she employs critical discourse whether to dismantle colonial patterns that are re-cycled within dance pedagogy and knowledge, or to construct an authentic choreographic language reflecting the identity’s journey through oppression, objectification and shaming. Her recent book “Dance of the Persecuted” reconstructs the history of Baladi dance in Egypt from a feminist perspective linking coloniality with capitalism and patriarchy.

Level: Open
In English
Not barrier-free