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S-10 / UnlOcking

Workshop with Nora Amin

A workshop for performers and non-performers with a wish for self expression and empowerment, with a will for transformation, and with faith in openness and exchange. Through a series of exercises, movement hypothesis and improvisation Nora Amin will explore the traces of the personal memory, focusing on experiences of pain and confrontation. Based on this the participants will be guided through creating their own physical language and investing their emotional and physical vocabularies in order to reconcile, share and construct personal solos and group work as a performative statement, and as a healing adventure. For those who aim for a profound dance experience that transcends the body, connects the emotions with the corporal, testimony with choreography, and intersects with the social and political.

Mon 22.7.   15:00   Lecture with Nora Amin »UnlOcking (verbum

Nora Amin

Nora Amin is a performer, choreographer, writer and theatre director. In 2000 she founded Lamusica Independent Theatre Group in Egypt where she directed, choreographed and produced 37 productions. In 2011 she launched the nation-wide Egyptian project for theatre of the oppressed which extended to an Arab network in Morocco, Lebanon and Sudan. Visiting professor at Mount Holyoke College (USA), Institute for general & comparative literature (FU), Samuel Fischer literary prize recipient 2004-2005, and Valeska-Gert guest professor for dance studies 2018. Her acclaimed book »Weiblichkeit im Aufbruch« (MSB Matthes&Seitz, 2018) explores the transgressions of the female body in the public sphere. Her next book is »Dance of the Persecuted«, a history of Egyptian female dance from a feminist perspective linking patriarchy with coloniality and racism.

Level: Open
In English
Not barrier-free