A Continuity of Discontinuity or a Way to Practice Dance (Spot on the waiting list possible)

Deborah Hay

For many years, Deborah Hay has devoted herself to the reality of a dance that is always connected with everything else that exists.

no walking, no running, no laying on the floor, no hanging out in the body, no stretching, no floppy arms or hands, no deliberate loss of grounding, no noodling, no prolonged narrative movement, no obvious sequence of movement, no prolonged body memory apparent, no time to explore, no obvious frontality, no need to be creative or unique, no obvious adrenalin driven movement, no apparent inner timing driving your dancing, no hesitation or reconsideration 
Deborah Hay

In cooperation with Tanz im August / HAU Hebbel am Ufer.

Deborah Hay is one of the most radical and influential post-modern artists, who still expands our perception of dance. She dances, choreographs, writes, directs, and coaches. She has an Honorary Doctor of the Arts Degree from the Theatre Academy Helsinki and is an inaugural recipient of a 2012 Doris Duke Performing Artists Award. Her 4th book, Using the Sky is published by Routledge Books and a documentary film, Turn Your F^*king Head, about Hay’s Solo Performance Commissioning Project is now available from Routledge Books.

Möckernstr. 68, 10965 Berlin

Level: Advanced + professional dancers
In English

Prices 260 € ( 220 € * )
* Early Bird Price: Applies on arrival of the full workshop fee on our account by 16.05.2019
Photo: Reno Pizzi