Creating Possibilities

Eva Georgitsopoulou

In this performance project, we will work with specific principals and tools of physicality in order to create a group physical language and gain common awareness on how to (re)/produce movement vocabulary and use solo or group improvisation as a main source of research. Coming from different backgrounds, we gather as a group into a creation process. Focussing on various improvisation tasks, creating, learning and sharing material, as well as decoding and reproducing our own or others physicality. Finding the body’s clarity, acceleration and performative intention by taking a closer look on how to progress our own dance and improve the mechanisms of each body part. The aim is to create physical confidence and overpass the fear of exhaustion and the fear of uncontrollable in order to unlock our personal physical potential while being useful and creative for the group’s intention and creativity. The creation result will be inspired, composed and dedicated to the group’s process. Born by the thematics which will appear from our bodies’ dramaturgy.

Fee: 190 € / red: 170 € / professional dancers: 150 € | Registration:

Möckernstr. 68, 10965 Berlin

Mon-Sun 12:00-16:00
Showing: 25.8.2019 / 16:00
Phone 030.786 58 61