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Photo: Karolina-Miernink, Impulstanz

W-03 / As Above So Below – Axis Syllabus in Application (Waiting list)

Workshop with Frey Faust
In the frame of Winter Tanz 2019/20

This workshop is a deeper study of dancing with the criss-crossing arcs in anatomical micro/macro structures and their similarities with the dancing cosmos. Frey Faust admires natural ecosystems, at once the manifest of, if unconscious obeisance to physics and biology and the total lack of gover- nance, which is the inherent balance of intimate interdependence and indifference that, because each strives to be at cause leads to the inextricable implication of each participating element. He thinks that, because we consider and try to predict outcomes and because we are empathetic, humans are overly concerned with control. Intelligent application of control is of course and obviously useful. However, more often the best strategy is to accept, and work with what is there. Although many people reject it or seem to be estranged, we are fruit of and part of nature, which has been field testing all current processes for millions of years.

Frey Faust

Frey Faust practiced Pantomime, Ballet, Aikido, African Dance, Modern, Percussion, Capoeira, Contact Improvisation; worked with David Parsons, Merce Cunningham, Randy Warshaw, Meredith Monk, Donald Byrd, Stephen Petronio and others. He is author of the book and originator of 'The Axis Syllabus'.  www.axissyllabus.org

Level: Movement experience
In English
Not barrier-free