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W-05 / Extended Mind Practices – Towards Radical Calmness (Waiting list)

Workshop with Malcolm Manning
In the frame of Winter Tanz 2019/20

What if we’ve got that mind-body relationship thing the wrong way around? What if it’s not the mind that lives in the body but the body that lives in the mind? In this workshop, Malcolm Manning presents dance and movement practices that he has been collecting and synthesising, devising and revising, as a playful embodied investigation of how we might experience our subjectivity differently, less individually and more collectively. You’ll be guided to experience your expansive perceptual body in a process, something like experiential anatomy, but different, and then encouraged to move in order to unwind, to better find rest and stillness, in something like Authentic Movement, but different. We live in anxious times. Maybe thinking differently is not enough. Maybe we need to experience differently.

Malcolm Manning

Malcolm Manning is a movement researcher, educator, artist. He teaches somatically oriented dance technique, improvisation/composition, contact improvisation, authentic movement. He helped develop the Dance And Somatics course at ISLO, Finland and also teaches freelance at the Danish and Finnish national schools of performing arts. Certified Feldenkrais Method® and Body And Earth® practitioner. Malcolm’s BodySchool Workshops apply somatic and contemporary dance techniques to everyday life situations. www.movetolearn.com


Level: Open
In English
Not barrier-free