W-07 / Body-Mind Centering™ – Das Herz und das Gehirn (Waiting list)

Lambrini Konstantinou

In the frame of Winter Tanz 2019/20

Already from the beginning – whilst in the uterus – our body begins to grow to the rhythm of the heart. The developing brain leans towards the rhythmic beat of the heart, listens to its voice and makes it its indispensable companion. The cells of our nerves are in close proximity to those of the heart. The ear and the eye align themselves with the rhythmic field of the heart. Feeling, thinking, seeing and hearing are (originally) in resonance. The rediscovery of this resonance as the quality of our presence and the restoration of the homogeneous equilibrium is at the center of our work in this workshop. Movement, sound, touch, breathing, and silence, will accompany us and give new impulses to the study of embryology, anatomy and physiology.

Lambrini Konstantinou, dancer, choreographer, dance pedagogue, Body-Mind Centering ® practitioner and teacher; Certified Movement Analyst; Osteopath focussing on Craniosacral and Pediatric Osteopathy; Somatic Experiencing-Trauma Healing. Lambrini combines anatomical knowledge with movement meditation, bodywork, dance and creative expression. The fulcrum (centre) of her work lies particularly in the cross-referencing of these disciplines, which regard the body as a unity of soma, mind and soul and approaching each other through researching structure and function of the tissue. All of this happens in the continuum of micro and macro, internally and externally as well as in the artistic expression of the body as a whole, both in silence and movement.

Möckernstr. 68, 10965 Berlin

Level: Open
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Prices 120 € ( 100 € * )
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